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The Perfect End of Summer Playlist

by Nailah Russell   Vacation is over, but the sounds of summer linger in the high-riding bass, romantic choruses, sun-soaked guitar harmonies, and laid-back flows of the songs in this playlist. Here’s a list of music spanning the genres of Rap/Hip Hop, Indie, Pop, Electronica, and more. It’s filled with infectious beats that never get […]

Spring Break Woes

Spring break is here and for many seniors, this is our last spring break of our undergraduate career, and for many we don’t really have a break at all.   During this time, instead of vacationing and celebrating during Spring break, many seniors, like myself, go on interviews, look at potential graduate schools, and apply […]

Media suppressions: A two-sided issue

President Donald Trump’s ban of news outlets like CNN at White House Press Briefings sent shock-waves through legacy and social media, with commentators questioning the authority and ethical merits of his decision. From a distance, this would seem to be an isolated incident. This kind of resistance to journalists is unprecedented and extremely uncommon, and […]

Memes become a way to commuicate

“[A]n idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture,” that is how Wikipedia defines “meme.” You know, a meme – those things that circulate the internet that everyone knows about if they spend more than 5 minutes on Facebook or Tumblr, the supreme meme realm, but can never quite explain […]

Spotlight Review

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) and The Blue and Grey will be showing “Spotlight,” the recipient of the Academy’s Best Picture Award for 2015, on Dec. 9 at 9pm in Hodson Auditorium.   “Spotlight” focuses on the 2002 Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal revealed by the investigative team, Spotlight, at the Boston Globe. It takes […]

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