Students Explore the Library Through Mini Golf

By Samantha Orbin, Photo & Graphics Editor

The library at Hood College finds a fun way to get students acquainted with its building by hosting mini golf on Sept 6.

“We wanted to have an event to encourage our new students especially freshman or transfers to visit the library, get familiar with all the offices that are here, all the resources, and find a study space,” said Kaitlyn May, access service librarian and organizer of the event.

The course had nine holes and distributed throughout all three floors of the building. The first five holes were on the first floor, the sixth and fifth holes were on the second floor, and the last two holes were on the third floor.

The holes were placed near a helpful resource that students might not have known existed.

“Each hole is either a service desk or an office where they could get help or a place where they could study potentially,” May said.

Overall the event was successful and had a nice turnout. The library lobby was full of students eating the hot-dogs and snacks provided while waiting to tee off at the first hole.

The first group of students to finish were Juliet Traini and Valentin Donchev.

“I feel like I already know the library,” Donchev said, “But I think this would be helpful for new arrivals.”

The second students to finish the course were Chris Devine, Arianna McCardle, and Jordan Patterson.

Although they were seniors they all agreed that the event helped them learn more about where things were in the library. Even though some of the holes were challenging, many students found the event fun and helpful.

The East Coast Prepares for Hurricane Florence

By Martha Berkheimer, News Editor

A state of emergency is declared by Governor Larry Hogan in anticipation of Hurricane Florence. As the storm rapidly approached the Carolinas, millions of people were warned to evacuate their homes. Warnings were issued for more than 300 miles of coastline. Despite the National
Weather Service’s warnings that Florence will bring life-threatening storm surges and rainfall, many residents have made the decision to not evacuate their mid-Atlantic homes, according to a report released by CNN. President Trump claims to be “ready for the big one,” and continues to reference the government’s response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, where a
reported 3,000 people died, according to multiple sources including The New York Times and CNN. Thurmond Maynard, director of campus safety, sent an email to students, faculty and staff on Wednesday afternoon with instructions of how to stay safe during the dangers of the severe weather. Students are urged to register for the Hood College emergency notification system in order to be alerted of any danger as soon as it is made known.

Students Rededicate Alumnae Hall Columns

By Laura Spencer, Editor-in-Chief

Dozens gathered on Sept. 12 for the Alumnae Hall column rededication ceremony, officially bringing the celebration of Hood College’s 125th anniversary to an end.

Student representatives from the classes of 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 rededicated the four iconic columns of Alumnae Hall. The columns represent Hope, Opportunity, Obligation, and Democracy with the first letters of each word spelling HOOD.

When Alumnae Hall was first established, marking the first building on Hood’s new campus, the classes of 1915, 1916, 1917 and 1918 pledged to raise the necessary funds for the columns. They later held a ceremony to celebrate the newly opened hall and to dedicate the columns.

“Just as these columns support the building, so many hopes support whatever Hood College undertakes in the future,” said Kara Poole, the senior class president, in her dedication speech. Poole dedicated Alumnae’s Hope column.

Each representative connected the ideals of their dedications to the others’, showing how each supports and is supported by the next — just as the columns, standing side by side, support the building itself.

“Opportunity is the dream child of hope,” said Christian Hoch, class of 2020 president, in his dedication speech. “What better name then to be given to the second pillar which guards the entrance to Hood College than Opportunity? A term which truly expresses just what this college has to offer.”

According to President Chapdelaine, at the time that Alumnae Hall opened there were approximately 80 women in each class.

Today, Hood is home to approximately 1,100 undergraduate students. “It was an honor rededicating the column, I have so much love for Hood College,” said Lily Bean, class of 2021 president. “I am the traditions chair too, so I am going to try to bring Hood back to its roots, but include men this time.”

Hood has grown and evolved a lot in 125 years, from a small women’s college into the beloved and respected (and co-ed) institution it is today, but the same ideals and values still echo throughout the campus.

The ceremony marks the end of a year-long celebration of Hood College’s 125th anniversary, and the beginning of its 126th academic year.



Hood Athletics Gears Up For New Season

By Elena Rowe, Staff Reporter

New athletics staff will work with students eagerly waiting to meet new people and try out for athlet-ic teams at Hood this upcoming academic year.

Susan Kolb, Ph.D., joined Hood in Jul. as the new athletic coordinator. Kolb’s experi-ence prior to Hood is a whirlwind.

Kolb gained experience at many school across the U.S., including George Mason University as an academic coordinator, Bluffton University as assistant coach, and the University of Southern California as an academic coordinator.

Chris Benassi joins Hood this year as the new head coach of track and field as well as cross country. Benassi was assistant coach at Nova Southeastern University in Florida in addition to working at various high schools in Maryland before coming to Hood.

Ann Andrews was newly added to the athletic team as part of the Field Hockey Program. She has had many accomplishments including working at Severna High School in Maryland for six years, earned a two-time Coach of the Year Award and earned similar honors with the Baltimore Sun and Capital Gazette.

The new coaches to the athletic depart-ment will surely excite students in the sports programs and teams.

The men’s soccer team announced that seven incoming freshmen will be added for the 2018 season.

The 2018 Fall Sports Season is Finally Upon Us

2017 Men’s Cross Country Invitational


By Delaney Crawford, Staff Reporter.

Blazers officially started the 2018 fall sports season on Friday, Aug. 31 with an exciting game line-up.

Both our men’s and women’s cross country teams attended the Mustang Stampede meet at Steven-son University. Even though they have a very small team this year they have worked hard all preseason and are looking for-ward to competing.

Our women’s field hockey team is another team with a limited amount of players but a lot of heart. Their season opener at Notre Dame MD was Aug. 31.

The men’s and women’s soccer teams played two different opponents on Aug. 31. Our women’s soccer team went to Frostburg State.

The men’s team has their first home game on Aug. 31 as well.

Blazers faced Penn College at the season opener game at Hood.

Women’s volleyball got into the Scranton Invitational and had have two matches on Aug. 31 in Scranton, PA to open up their season. Their first match was against Gwynedd Mercy and then they versed Eastern.

The season is just beginning and Blaz-ers will have many exciting games to come.

For more information about athletic schedules, visit

Leaving a Legacy: How the Names of Campus Buildings Were Chosen

By Elizabeth Cavin, Staff Reporter   Do the names Whitaker, Coblentz, or Hodson sound familiar? They should for many who’ve attended Hood College, although few would know about the peo-ple these essential buildings are named after. After emailing two Hood historians and reading more on the topic, I’ve not only discovered more about the origins […]

From the Desk of the Editor

    By Laura Spencer, Editor-in-Chief I am excited to introduce myself as the Blue and Grey’s new editor-in-chief for the 2018-2019 academic year. Beginning with this issue, redesigned and reimagined, we will learn from one another what a school newspaper is, and what it can be, in our always- changing world. Technology efficiently delivers […]

Back to School Throwbacks

By Martha Berkheimer, Staff Reporter

A look back on pre-vious years at Hood College through archived editions of the Blue and Grey reveals a range of emotions from rising freshmen.

This year is hoods 126th year and Con-vocation. Looking back at the past 20 years, Hood has not changed much, freshmen are still stressed and scared beyond belief, seniors are still ready to get out, and everyone is between is going through the motions, making memo-ries, and forming life-long friendships.

An issue of the Blue and Grey from the 1997-1998 school year called How Was It? A Reflection on Freshman Year, by Jennifer Foreman, details the experience of a freshman at Hood College.

According to Foreman, that year 144 students who paid their down-payment to come to Hood, that fall, 138 students actu-ally moved on to cam-pus, and by spring, 114 students returned as residents. According to all the freshman Foreman interviewed, the new students en-joyed their indepen-dence and freedom, but also missed their families and dealt with quite a bit on homesickness.

Flashing forward to ten years later, Hood holds its 155th Convocation on the first Monday of the academic year. Staff reporter Lauren Beware writes, “Convocation marks the beginning of the academic year here at Hood. It also welcomes the new class of freshman to Hood, while simultaneously welcoming seniors to their final undergraduate studies.”

This description perfectly illustrates the point of convocation, high-lighting the unity and strength of the Hood college community. Beward emphasizes the fact the Convo-cation ignites a range of emotions for both freshman and seniors at Hood college. For freshmen, this is their wake up call to the work load they are about to have. For seniors, it is the beginning of a long farewell from Hood College.

College is a unique opportunity to discover new pathways and experience an array of changes, mental, emotional, and educational. Hood College, for the past 126 years has upheld tradition and community above all else. As we begin the academic year, we should value the support system Hood College has created for us and above all else, expand our horizons and become more intelligent members of society.

Crime Reported at Hood College


By Laura Spencer, Editor-in-Chief

A reported theft from a vehicle at Hood College in early Aug. leaves students questioning fall semester security.

Hood College referred a theft from a vehicle at Hood College to Frederick County Police Aug. 4.

Hood College’s Chief of Campus Safety sent an email to all students and staff on Aug. 8 with tips on avoiding theft from vehicles. In addition to this information was information about five reported thefts from vehicles in Frederick since Jul. 30.

“Sometimes I leave my stuff and go to the computer lab, nor-mally when I’m with friends. Every once inawhileIfeellikeI can leave my stuff and go walk around, but now I’m nervous to do that,” said Gabriella Basile, a current Hood student.

Everyone is urged to park in well-lit areas, never leave vehicles running, and to never leave valuable items in plain view. Parking difficulties, especially with com-muter students, leaves many students with no other option but to park their vehicles on city streets off of Hood College property.

There have been 21 reported damage to property incidents on campus so far this year. This makes it the most frequently reported crime around Hood.

“It makes me upset that I am always here [in Whitaker] and use everything here, and when I see that some-body broke a window here or something, it takes so long for it to get fixed,” said Jillian Alverson, a current Hood student.

The second most frequently reported crimes around Hood are controlled substance-related, with 13 recorded incidents so far this year. The reports indicate that these incidents are likely to occur in parking lots around campus.

A group of four current Hood students responded that they were not surprised that there were a number of controlled substance complaints around campus.

Questions and concerns about campus safety should be ad-dressed to members of the Department of Campus Safety. The Department of Campus Safety operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Annual Convocation and Dinking

The Hood College Convocation Ceremony was held on a very hot Sunday, Aug. 26.

Here’s what our rising freshmen had to say:

“The heat was suffocating. Faces and voiced blurred together in melted pool, with the only words floating at the top being a thousand variations of ‘God, it’s so hot.’”-Keiko Cahill

“As a freshman I came into the convocation ceremony very confused. Once I learned about the tradition of the dinks and the ceremony I was excited to receive mine and become apart of the Hood community.” -Delaney Crawford

“The ceremony lasted for far too long in the hot sun according to students and staff, but the addresses from president chap and our guest speaker were very well received.” -Matthew Wilder