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Admitted Students Day welcomes prospective students to Hood College

Committed and prospective students alike visited Hood College for Admitted Students Day, April 7-8. They familiarized themselves with the campus, Read More →

“Logan” brings a trilogy to a satisfying, emotional conclusion

In the distant future, all traces of the old “X-Men” movies are gone, and Hugh Jackman is somehow still a Read More →

“Kong: Skull Island” pays homage to the classics

Well, I guess it is time for the yearly take on Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. This time, instead of Read More →

Veterans share their experiences at Hood College panel

A panel of local veterans talked at Hood College about their experiences in and out of the U.S. Military, detailing Read More →

Keanu Reeves kills it in John Wick: Chapter 2

Say what you want about Keanu Reeves’ acting chops, but the man knows how to commit to a role and Read More →

Media suppressions: A two-sided issue


President Donald Trump’s ban of news outlets like CNN at White House Press Briefings sent shock-waves through legacy and social Read More →

Men’s Basketball narrowly misses playoffs


In spite of a close victory against Arcadia University on Feb. 18, Hood College’s Men’s Basketball Team will not be Read More →

HEAT hosts Climate Change Cafe

Like an ironic joke from Mother Nature herself, HEAT’s climate change awareness event was accompanied by unusually mild weather for Read More →

Political organizations regroup post election

Although the American political system seemingly hit its climax in the 2016 election, work continues for large and small-scale organizations Read More →

New Hood club gets 100K to invest

Students at Hood College can now play the stock market and directly learn how investing works, due to the implementation Read More →