Student to staff member: Getting to know Bre Harwood

By Megan Enright
Sports Editor
Alumni, Bre Harwood, who
graduated Hood in 2016 is the
career development program
manager. She is a person who
shares her love of community
service with students at Hood
One of my favorite parts
about visiting Harwood in the
career center is I know she
will always be kind and shares
her happiness with others.
Harwood decided to work
at the career center because
she interned at the career center during her undergrad at
Hood, and decided she wanted to continue to work there because she loves it so much.
Harwood has always been
passionate about volunteering and service, so she knew
working at the career center
could give her more reasons to
focus on volunteering.
Harwood says one of her
favorite parts of her job is
how she can meet with different people apart of the Hood
community and how she can
help students. I have gone on
a lot of Harwood’s service trips
and they are so rewarding.
Come on down to Harwood’s office in the career center and learn about her fun
service trips.

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