Social work newly added as a major in 1982

By Elena Rowe
Social Media Manager
I was able to journey into
the past through the archives
of the Hood College Library.
Various articles from the
1930’s-2000’s were pouring
with interesting details about
parties, events, new programs
and sport games.
In the fall of 1982, Hood College introduced Social Work
as a major, as a part of the new
Student Social Work Organization on campus.
“The purpose of the SSWO
is to inform students about
the career opportunities in
social work and related areas;
to gather students and faculty
to interact with other college
social work organizations,
community speakers and the
National Association of Social
Workers” (Westling ’86).
Guest speakers, Campus
awareness activities, field
trips, fundraising and tutoring were ways in which the
organization got more awareness to the campus. By introducing this organization to
the greater campus community, students were able to get
a feel of the new Social Work
major. “The social work major includes studies in four
areas. These are social work
methods, research, policy and
human behavior analysis. The
major also offers students
a through education in the
skills, values and knowledge
required of the social work
practitioner.” (Westling ’86)
What I found interesting
was, based on students’ roles
in this organization, they
could determine if this major was right for them, based
on what careers they could
pursue after leaving college.
There are many ways that social work can be rewarding
(based on this article), conducting research on important human problems, helping ederly patients adjust to
terminal illness, organizing
tenants in slum housing to improve living conditions, having the opportunity to work
in schools, hospitals, family
service agencies etc.
If you are interested, the
SSWO organization is still on
campus today. Make sure to
check it out and contact Leah
Ransome ’19

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