Longest government shutdown in U.S. history comes to an end

By Martha Berkheimer
News Editor
At midnight on Dec. 22,
2018, President Trump declared a government shutdown in response to lack of
funding for his proposed
border wall between the
U.S. and Mexico. After 35
days, the longest government shutdown in U.S. history, President Trump proposed a deal ending the shut
down on Jan. 25.
The shutdown stemmed
from President Trump’s refusal to sign any bills proposed by Congress that did
not fund the border wall as
well as the Senate’s refusal
to support any bills that include funding to build the
border wall.
As of Jan. 25, President
Trump signed a bill that
ended the shutdown and
allowed the government
to open for three weeks in
order to continue negotiations on the issue of the
funding for the border wall.
President of the Hood
College Republicans, Jacob
Keith, responded submitted
a response with his view on
the government shutdown
and current administration:
“The government shutLongest government shutdown in
U.S. history comes to an end down is frankly a disgrace. I
have made it no secret that I
am at odds with the current
administrations policies
and overall behavior.
The border wall is not an
effective way of preventing
undocumented immigration nor is it an effective
way of preventing drug trafficking –both of the ‘illegal
incursions’ occur more frequently through legal ports
of entry.
Ignoring the inherent
leaps in logic necessary to
justify a border wall, the
behavior of the Senate is ludicrous. While the House of
Representatives has passed
bills to reopen the government, Mitch McConnell
continues to prevent the
due course of government.
He will not allow any bill to
come onto the Senate floor,
claiming that Trump will
not sign it and thus it is useless. However, the Founding
Fathers did come up with a
solution when writing the
United States Constitution.
Congress can override the
President’s veto when necessary and, sadly, it is necessary. So this is not just a case
of the President keeping the
government closed, this is a
case of the Senate Majority
Leader being overly cautious; his every action confirms the suspicions held
by many that he has been
compromised by Russian
kompromat or by a general
lack of moral values. McConnel is more interested in
serving Trump than he is
our own country.
By forcing numerous federal employees to work with
no pay, President Trump is
using his own citizens as a
bargaining chip, which is
It’s time that Republicans
own up to the fact that they
backed the wrong horse.”

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