Blakkklansman movie presented at Hood College by the Black Student Union

By Martha Berkheimer
News Editor
On Friday, Jan. 18, to kick off
the school’s celebrations for
Martin Luther King Jr. Day,
the Hood College Black Student Union (BSU) hosted a
screening for the movie Blackkklansman, directed by Spike
Based on a true story, Blackkklansman follows the work
of a detective named Ron
Stallworth, who is the first African-American detective to
serve in the Colorado Springs
Police Department (CSPD).
After working being confined
to mundane tasks such as
working in the reference department of the police force
and the narcotics department,
Stallworth is determined to
work on a case with more substance.
After partnering with another undercover detective,
Stallworth embarks on a mission to infiltrate to Ku Klux
Klan, determined to break
down the extremist hate
group that had been dominating the area.
Blackkklansman is a powerful commentary that reflects
upon how the United States
has views racism in the past,
touching on the subjects of
Blakkklansman movie
presented at Hood College
by the Black Student Union
racism and police brutality
that has breaking out in the
news as of recent years.
Blackkklansman is based in
the 1970s, but the themes depicted in the movie are still
extremely relevant in today’s
society, highlighting the same
issues that are being fought
against by the Black Lives
Matter movement in recent
Watching this movie so
close to Martin Luther King
day makes the experience especially moving, reminding
viewers that the country still
has a lot of work to do in regards to race relations.

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