Basketball season quickly coming to an end

By Delaney Crawford
Sports Editor
The men’s basketball team
had a six-game winning
streak until the Jan. 26, when
they lost at Widener 65-58.
That long win streak lasted
for almost a whole month.
The streak began on Jan.
2 when they beat Hampden-Sydney. Other teams
they beat during the streak
were; Albright, Lycoming,
Stevenson, Alvernia and
Messiah. All those teams are
very tough opponents, but
the Blazers rose above and
won them all.
The players on the team
have fought hard all season
and are now nearing the end.
With only a couple of games
left before conference season
starts, tensions are high. Players are excited for conference
to start and see how well they
can perform against these
high-level teams and fans are
excited to see how far they
make it this year.
With a season as great as
this one has been, we expect
our men’s basketball team to
do great things in conference
this year.
Be sure to so some support
at their last few games.
Going in as the underdog
is sometimes a positive and
with Hood College we definitely see it as one.
With a current record of
6-14 the women’s basketball
team is hoping to end their
season on a higher note.
Nearing the end of their 2018-
2019 season, they are training
hard for conference play.
This season they have had
some key wins, their last one
being a 57-48 win against Alvernia on Jan. 21. Our Blazers average about 61 points
per game. Going into harder
play with that point average
shows a lot of potential.
Unfortunately, many of
the remaining games for our
women’s team are away, but
everyone can still show their
support by watching the live
streams, cheering them on
as they leave, or even driving
to those games. Best of luck
from all of us here at Hood to
our women’s basketball team
as they hope to end their season strong.

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