The Great Frederick Fair Brings Joy to Hood Students

By Delaney Crawford Sports Editor

The Great Fredrick Fair is an annual event in Fredrick County that brings everyone together. Provided at the fair was fun, food, and cool experiences. The fair offered barns full of chickens, cows, horses, goats, and so much more. Carnival food and games were everywhere along with all kinds of rides. The set up was so pretty and the music was playing loud enough for everyone to hear. There was something at the fair for everyone to enjoy. A family and community atmosphere was provided, so it was a lot of fun for Hood students to go and have a chance to be a part of Fredrick. A junior here at Hood College, Erin Hunt, attended the fair for the second time on Friday night and described it “A great place to experience things you don’t normally get to. It was a well spent night,” said Hunt.

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