Midterm Survival Guide

By Samantha Orbin Photo & Graphics Editor

Midterms can be stressful for everyone, even a seasoned college senior. As the dreaded midterm week approaches many will inevitably begin to panic, but have no fear I am here. To prepare for midterm week I have put together a list of ten things that will help you survive the week. While most students might be aware of the following tips it never hurts to be reminded. 1. Flash cards, flash cards, flash cards. You’re welcome. Flash cards are a great way to study. You write down the term you need to remember on the front then a FEW words that will help you. Writing too much on a flash card can overwhelm you so keep it brief. to save money and materials I recommend cutting the notecard in half, this way you have twice as many cards and you will keep the definitions simple. 2. Clean your desk or work area. Take some time to clean the area around you: a cluttered work space will only stress you out more. 3. Make a study schedule for the week. Writing down everything you have to do will keep you from cramming last minute. A schedule will also keep you from miscalculating your work load. If you are relying on your memory alone there is a higher chance that you will run out of time. 4. Keep your favorite snack on hand. Rewarding yourself while studying can be a good incentive. 5. In addition to your work area keep yourself clean. Make sure to take showers and wash your face. Stress acne is real and it will come for you, especially with clogged pores. A shower is a good reset button it gives you a break from studying and helps you unwind. 6. Make a study group: Misery loves company. 7. Relax. Turning your brain off can have its benefits. There are many things you can do to relax such as: have a cup of tea, listen to some music, or meditate. For all you tea drinkers I recommend Yogi’s Kava Stress Relief tea with some honey. As for meditation I recommend visiting, Hood student, Sarah Beckmann’s Blog on meditation: MeditateWithMe. home.blog. Mediation can be a great tool if you are feeling stressed. Sarah provides weekly inspiration and tips. 8. Don’t be afraid to ask your professor for help. If you need help understanding the material or clarification on a subject send your professor an email or visit them during office hours. They are there to help you, not to judge you. 9. Be sure to give your poor brain a break. Taking breaks will help the information sink in and also keep you sane. Don’t skip the ads on YouTube videos, use that time to quickly go over flash cards. Studying is pain free if you still get to do the things you like. Turn on Netflix or whatever you like to do and pause it every ten minutes to go over flash cards or notes. 10. Go to sleep. Yes, that 20 minute nap will turn into a two hour one, but that’s ok.

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