Hippy Chick Hummus is a Must-Try in Downtown Frederick

By Megan Enright Sports Editor

A local kombucha bar and a plant-based menu that offers a great variety of food. Hippy Chick Hummus has risen from a humble stand at local farmer’s markets to a popular café in Downtown Frederick. Hippy Chick Hummus is located in a cozy space at 237 N Market St in Downtown Frederick. Owner, Erika Brown, is a Frederick native and has been perfecting her hummus for years. “In college, I had a big hippy house with, like, 10 roommates at one time. And hummus was the quickest thing I could make that would satisfy all my nutritional needs for the day,” said Brown to the Frederick News Post. “So I made these big batches, and then all my roommates started digging in, too. So I was like, man, I need to start making more of this stuff.” On Oct. 28 a seltzer water and banana acai bowl was enjoyed by yours truly, while a couple friends tried the carrots with hummus and the tacos. The food was delicious and healthy. Hippy Chick Hummus is approximately one mile away from Hood College. This café is recommended to anyone looking to try something unique and fresh in Frederick.

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