Blazer Radio: Still on the Air

By Alexander Elliott Staff Reporter

For a couple of years it was nearly a whisper, but the voice of Hood College is as strong as ever. Blazer Radio is Hood’s very own internet-based radio broadcasting organization and its leadership is looking hopefully into the future. Blazer Radio went through a rough patch as membership stifled and club activity stagnated but the club has seen new life in the past year. Recruitment and building an on-campus presence took a backseat and the organization grew disjointed before coming under new management. That was about two years ago. Since then, Blazer Radio has made a concerted effort to embody their mission to be the “voice of Hood College,” and the improvement is obvious. Now, they are getting back to their roots they have seen a significant increase in student interest within the organization. But while those within are interested, those around are not. The goal of the organization to “provide the voice of Hood College and give that voice to any student interested in broadcasting and reaching the world through radio.” This mission inspired current presidents, Tim Sylvia and Noah Waterlander to join.“To the average student, we’re known of, but not about. They know we have a radio station, but they may not exactly know what that means or how accessible that is to them,” said Sylvia. But after turning around recruitment, it appears the organization is finally in a position to improve their listening base. The leaders of the broadcast are excited with the level of interest internally and believe the right people are finally in place to legitimize the station in ways that were not possible before. When I asked Mr. Sylvia if he thinks Blazer Radio is ready to take the next step all he could say was, “Ye.”

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