The East Coast Prepares for Hurricane Florence

By Martha Berkheimer, News Editor

A state of emergency is declared by Governor Larry Hogan in anticipation of Hurricane Florence. As the storm rapidly approached the Carolinas, millions of people were warned to evacuate their homes. Warnings were issued for more than 300 miles of coastline. Despite the National
Weather Service’s warnings that Florence will bring life-threatening storm surges and rainfall, many residents have made the decision to not evacuate their mid-Atlantic homes, according to a report released by CNN. President Trump claims to be “ready for the big one,” and continues to reference the government’s response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, where a
reported 3,000 people died, according to multiple sources including The New York Times and CNN. Thurmond Maynard, director of campus safety, sent an email to students, faculty and staff on Wednesday afternoon with instructions of how to stay safe during the dangers of the severe weather. Students are urged to register for the Hood College emergency notification system in order to be alerted of any danger as soon as it is made known.

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