Studying Abroad Becomes Easier Than Ever

Elena Rowe Social Media Manager

Students are encouraged to study abroad and take internships as part of a new high impact learning initiative. Scott Pincikowski, Ph.D., the Director of the Study Abroad Program, is leading the new focus on high impact learning. Pincikowski explains that the Study Abroad Program is a mixture of many different programs that provide students the opportunity to study abroad. CIEE (Council of International Educational Exchange), CAPA and CCIS (The College Consortium for International Studies) are the main ones that provide university and college students with the tools needed for successfully studying abroad such as semester long programs, yearlong programs and summer programs which have locations all over the world. When applying to study abroad, it can be daunting but “when students apply or the college has an affiliation agreement all financial aid that students receive at Hood applies to that program,” said Pincikowski. Studying abroad used to be a major requirement for financial aid but the college changed that rule. Not just students studying languages but all students can now receive financial aid for studying abroad. Applying for Studying Abroad is not as hard as you think. There are 5 easy steps: 1. Make an appointment with the Office of Study Abroad. In the meeting, you can learn about scholarship opportunities, get necessary forms and learn about application procedures. 2. Meet with your advisor to discuss what coursework abroad will count for core or major requirements at Hood. 3. Go to the financial aid office to find out what of your financial aid package applies to your study abroad program. 4. Attend a study abroad session at the career center 5. Finalize all paperwork with Pincikowsi and you are all set and ready to go! These experiences can be life changing, not only personally but professionally. “The way students think about themselves and their studies change for the better. Students have a sense of ownership with their lives,” said Pincikowsi.

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