Students Explore the Library Through Mini Golf

By Samantha Orbin, Photo & Graphics Editor

The library at Hood College finds a fun way to get students acquainted with its building by hosting mini golf on Sept 6.

“We wanted to have an event to encourage our new students especially freshman or transfers to visit the library, get familiar with all the offices that are here, all the resources, and find a study space,” said Kaitlyn May, access service librarian and organizer of the event.

The course had nine holes and distributed throughout all three floors of the building. The first five holes were on the first floor, the sixth and fifth holes were on the second floor, and the last two holes were on the third floor.

The holes were placed near a helpful resource that students might not have known existed.

“Each hole is either a service desk or an office where they could get help or a place where they could study potentially,” May said.

Overall the event was successful and had a nice turnout. The library lobby was full of students eating the hot-dogs and snacks provided while waiting to tee off at the first hole.

The first group of students to finish were Juliet Traini and Valentin Donchev.

“I feel like I already know the library,” Donchev said, “But I think this would be helpful for new arrivals.”

The second students to finish the course were Chris Devine, Arianna McCardle, and Jordan Patterson.

Although they were seniors they all agreed that the event helped them learn more about where things were in the library. Even though some of the holes were challenging, many students found the event fun and helpful.

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