Queer Student Union: What They Are All About

By Kaelyn Mata Staff Reporter

The Queer Student Union (QSU) is all about creating a safe space for LGBT+ students on campus. The QSU is led by presidents, Maria Bernal and Lucky Hernandez. The QSU provides education and entertainment. Members are always wanting to have fun and create an enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere where anyone and everyone can feel free to be themselves. This organization provides a network for LGBT+ students and gives them an opportunity to know and connect everyone in the community. The goal of the club members is primarily to educate and inform others about the community. The QSU aims to create a community of LGBT+ students on campus, reduce stigma around LGBT+ people, and want the community on Hood’s campus to feel welcome and heard. Members provide a nice array of events and plans. The club’s major events include Tie Dye, Queerioke, the Safe Sex Carnival, Liberation Weekend, Trans Day of Visibility, and National Coming Out Day. Bernal and Hernandez emphasize that the Queer Student Union is a laidback, relaxed environment where no one should feel pressured or uneasy. Members are free to explore labels and themselves without having anything pushed onto them.

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