Crime Reported at Hood College


By Laura Spencer, Editor-in-Chief

A reported theft from a vehicle at Hood College in early Aug. leaves students questioning fall semester security.

Hood College referred a theft from a vehicle at Hood College to Frederick County Police Aug. 4.

Hood College’s Chief of Campus Safety sent an email to all students and staff on Aug. 8 with tips on avoiding theft from vehicles. In addition to this information was information about five reported thefts from vehicles in Frederick since Jul. 30.

“Sometimes I leave my stuff and go to the computer lab, nor-mally when I’m with friends. Every once inawhileIfeellikeI can leave my stuff and go walk around, but now I’m nervous to do that,” said Gabriella Basile, a current Hood student.

Everyone is urged to park in well-lit areas, never leave vehicles running, and to never leave valuable items in plain view. Parking difficulties, especially with com-muter students, leaves many students with no other option but to park their vehicles on city streets off of Hood College property.

There have been 21 reported damage to property incidents on campus so far this year. This makes it the most frequently reported crime around Hood.

“It makes me upset that I am always here [in Whitaker] and use everything here, and when I see that some-body broke a window here or something, it takes so long for it to get fixed,” said Jillian Alverson, a current Hood student.

The second most frequently reported crimes around Hood are controlled substance-related, with 13 recorded incidents so far this year. The reports indicate that these incidents are likely to occur in parking lots around campus.

A group of four current Hood students responded that they were not surprised that there were a number of controlled substance complaints around campus.

Questions and concerns about campus safety should be ad-dressed to members of the Department of Campus Safety. The Department of Campus Safety operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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