Hood Students Give Thanks

By Elena Rowe

Thanksgiving is one of the many favorite American holidays, next to Christmas is loved by many people across the United States. During the fourth Thursday of November, families gather together to give thanks for everything that they have in their lives, along with having a variety of amazing food. I had the opportunity to talk to many Hood students about some of their Thanksgiving traditions. Freshman Tenley Reeder, usually has a huge family dinner and watches football games with her family. Her mother cooks most of the food and her grandmother brings dessert. One of her favorite dishes is Sauerkraut and Deviled Eggs. She does not go out of town, but when she was younger she used to visit her grandparents in Florida.

Junior Dorothy San, who usually stays home in Rockville also keeps traditions very close to her family. Her favorite food items is sticky rice with meat or pork. She also usually watches the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, which I enjoy watching as well. Sophomore Tykera Pratt enjoys turkey, macaroni and cheese and stuffing but, one of her favorites is pig feet. During the holiday, she usually participates in serving food to the homeless. Freshman Katelyn Klukosky enjoys a different Thanksgiving experience ; she eats at the Cracker Barrel every year. “My mom does not feel like cooking every year so my family and I gather at the Cracker Barrel.”

Freshman Jenna Frick, who came to Hood from Florida, enjoys the big family dinner, but enjoys putting up Christmas decorations on Black Friday.

These Thanksgiving traditions make each family unique. Although, we all have different family traditions during the holidays, every family has something to be thankful for!

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