Dance Ensemble Auditions

By Elena Rowe

Dance, the art of moving one’s body to tell a story, can prove to be powerful. Many people enjoy watching different “stories” come alive through dance because of the beauty and passion of the performers. At Hood College, this description proves to be no different. Adaire Crabbe, a senior in the dance ensemble, has been dancing since her mother started taking her to dance classes at three years old. Along with two seniors, Holly Barnett and Dominique Byrd, she is one of the oldest members of the team.

In order to join the ensemble, there is an audition process. Auditions are held in Gambrill Gymnasium during the first week of school for two to three hours. Crabbe was surprised at how many freshmen joined the team this year since it usually consists of juniors and seniors.

Being on the team is not easy. There are a lot of practices, but that is the time where the team can perfect their skills and pull everyone’s ideas together.

“What I like about the team is that we all make up pieces; it’s not just one person making up everything which is something I appreciate.” says Crabbe. “With that being said, you can expect a few surprises from the team which will make it a great show.”

There have been trials as part of the process. Crabbe was injured between her sophomore and junior years, so she found it challenging to get back on the dance floor.

“It was very frustrating,” she said. “I had a huge brace on my knee but I was able to get through it. If I was not able to get the move right then at the practice, I guarantee I will have it [right] at the next practice”.

Even though it was very hard to get back out on stage and dance, she was able to accept the challenge, making her push harder and succeed.

Crabbe’s last show will be November 4, she is graduating in December. She could not go into any details about the performance because she wants the show to be a surprise, but she is excited to perform a solo. She wishes that the whole school would be able to come and support the performance, acknowledging that audiences in the past typically have been fairly small.

“I want people to recognize the dance ensemble because we work hard to perfect our skills and want to show what we have worked so hard to perfect,” she said.

The show will be held Saturday, November 3 and Sunday, November 4 at 7:30 in the Hodson Auditorium.

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