Students create petition to create “sanctuary” at Hood

Sanctuary campuses and cities have been popping up all over the country in light of Donald Trump’s victory, which brought the question to two Hood students: should Hood be a sanctuary campus?

Senior José Galarza and sophomore Nicole Palino worked together to develop a petition not for or against Hood becoming a sanctuary campus, but rather to spark discussion surrounding the matter. According to Galarza their main goal is to get the Hood College community to decide whether or not the campus should become a sanctuary campus or not.

The idea behind a sanctuary campus is that students who are undocumented are protected, modeled after sanctuary cities. Galarza first began to think about this after protesting with fellow interns over the summer, when the DOPA bill tied at the Supreme Court and then failed at the next lower court.

While they were not representing the organization they worked for several of the 39 intern protesters were DOCA recipients. After the results of the election Galarza began thinking about all those affected by President-Elect Trump’s 100 day plan in which he plants to terminate DOCA and defund sanctuary cities.

So far the idea of the petition has been sent to about 130 students and alumni. Galarza has been sending messages over Facebook to see how receptive students are to the petition and who would want to sign it. So far, he said that most students are ready to listen and have the discussion, there are a few that show concern but not one has given him a definite no yet.

Galarza and Palino plan to present the petition to administration after students have time to sign it. Again, they do not want to pressure students to lean either way, they just want the Hood community to start having the conversation.

“Be knowledgeable about what the petition means and just making sure that people understand the benefits and consequences of such a decision to be a sanctuary campus,” Galarza said.

Check out the petition here.

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