Three seniors showcase their art

By Chris Hamby

Students, instructors and lovers of art gathered on the evening of March 19 to see the latest works of art from Hood College seniors.

The Senior Art Exhibition was held at the Whitaker Commons Gallery, located inside the Whitaker Campus Center at Hood.

A crowd packed the exhibition and surrounded the entire space of the commons gallery.

The art showcase featured pieces of artwork ranging from original photographs, ceramic pottery, paintings and drawings.

The selections represented in the exhibition were the works of Hood senior students Janet Greer, Maeve Goldstein and Brigid Ayer.

Janet Greer’s ceramic pottery works were showcased in the gallery under the title of “Nascent—to be born.”

A member of the Potters Guild of Frederick and serving as the ceramic arts studio technician at Hood, Greer’s ceramic art platters represent parks throughout the United States.

The ceramic designs were inspired by Greer’s past visits to twelve National Parks in the United States, including Olympic National Park in the state of Washington and Glacier National Park in Montana.

“These ceramic platters represent in their designs, colors and clay bodies some of the most beautiful areas in our country,” Greer said. “I pondered what decorative techniques and processes would best represent that park and their memories.”

Several different clay bodies and firing methods were crucial factors for Greer’s original ceramic works.

The different techniques in Greer’s works represented the geology of the National Parks for each platter, she said.

Maeve Goldstein’s mixed media paintings and handmade illustrated books were on display during the exhibition, titled “Take Notice, Take Care.”

A native of Baltimore, Goldstein had previous experience as a gallery assistant at Hood, and is currently concentrating in the fields of printmaking and painting.

Goldstein said her works were inspired by interactions between the forms of texture, color and energy, within the subject of flowers and birds connected with her dreams and memories. Nature field guides and Audubon drawings also served as inspirations for her works of flowers, plants and birds.

“The natural world is more than just a serene experience,” Goldstein said. “It’s a nostalgic treasure of old where I can be released from the exhausting expectations of life.”

She has practiced the art of various techniques for her pieces, including the techniques of bookbinding, embroidery and paper crafting.

Brigid Ayer’s works in the show are photographic works, titled “Dedication, Determination, and Drive.”

Ayer’s past photographic works were featured in the “Capture Outdoors Maryland” calendar for Maryland Public Television.

Her photographs for the show are creative portraits of Hood College athletes, in relation to the athletes’ success and determination on the field.

These photographic works include student athletes in field hockey, swimming, soccer, track and field and lacrosse.

Tim Jacobsen, Hood adjunct instructor and multimedia journalist, reflected on what brings out the best of the senior artists and their works in the show.

“It really shows the individuality of each student,” Jacobsen said. “They have a great skillset for communicating visually.”

There will be additional Hood senior art show exhibitions in the coming months.

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