Athlete of the Issue: Chris Mendez

By: Flenner Hoagland

Christopher Mendez, a senior midfielder, had clear goals going into the 2011 soccer season.

“Win the first nine games and this would have given us the confidence needed to win the rest, ultimately to make the playoffs,” Mendez said.

“I am upset with the team as a whole; we can be better than any other team in the conference,” Mendez said.

This frustration is from a 3-8-1 season finish for the Blazers.

Mendez admitted to being frustrated by the disappointing chances over the years, and several injuries he has endured.

“As far as results this season, ironically enough this has been one of our worst seasons,” Mendez said.

Despite going from 11 goals last year to one goal, his experience makes him a huge asset on and off the field.

“Chris has an understanding of the game that makes him a threat and easily one of the best players to ever play for Hood,” senior Matt Sharp said.

This year it did not always show up on the scoreboard, but off the field his calm poise helped him in realizing what the game can do for someone.

“It’s disconcerting that my four years are up and nothing more I can do on the field to change that, but at the same time I know I have left behind a team that will gel,” said Mendez.

Mendez’s growth through the years gave him a positive outlook from his knowledge that developed because of the game.

“What’s done is done, soccer is a stage in which the players on the field are merely actors,” said Mendez.  “We use our tricks and athleticism to present to the audience a game of finesse.”

Mendez plans to use that same positive mindset by training and coaching his own team because of the same hard work and passion for soccer that he has had since he was 4 years old.

“I need for everyone who plays to see how beautiful a game it can be,” Mendez said.

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