Colleges Against Cancer sells cupcakes for a cure

  The Colleges Against Cancer club is doing more than just spreading awareness. They are looking for a cure to cancer.   Today, they will be in Whitaker collecting donations to raise money for a cure.   Cancer is the name given to a collection of related diseases. In all types of cancer, some of […]

Late Night Breakfast Holds Checkered Past

For over 30 years, Hood College’s Late Night Breakfast has served as an opportunity for students to relieve pre-exam stress and socialize over a hot meal. Originating in 1982 as a stress-busting event, Late Night Breakfast is an annual event at Hood that takes place the Sunday night before final exams start. While the regular […]

Hood College may secede from the Interlibrary Consortium

Hood College may be seceding from the Maryland Interlibrary Consortium (MIC) after the Dec. 1 loss of the Loyola Notre Dame library (LNDL) and the potential spring loss of Washington Adventist Library from the consortium group. The Loyola Notre Dame library (LNDL) joined the University System of Maryland and Affiliated Institutions library consortium on July […]

Students create petition to create “sanctuary” at Hood

Sanctuary campuses and cities have been popping up all over the country in light of Donald Trump’s victory, which brought the question to two Hood students: should Hood be a sanctuary campus? Senior José Galarza and sophomore Nicole Palino worked together to develop a petition not for or against Hood becoming a sanctuary campus, but […]

Class Banners Hung For Restoration

Class banners that once hung in Whitaker are now being stored in Rosenstock until they can be assessed for deterioration.   During the summer, several renovations were being made to Whitaker Campus Commons. One of those renovations included painting all of the railings. In order to access the railings on the second floor, the class […]


ACL Injuries: What You Don’t Know

On Feb. 13, 2016, Sean Mayberry went up for a layup against Albright College; a move that he has executed a thousand times. But this time he hears a pop in his left knee, the unforgettable sound he has heard only one other time in his life. The next day, Mayberry went to see Dr. […]

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Men’s Soccer celebrates graduating seniors

On Sept. 24 the Hood College Men’s Soccer team celebrated their senior game with a win against St. Vincent. “It was an awesome feeling to win on senior day, and seeing the whole team put in a great effort to get a special win for the seniors meant a lot,” said Captain Drew Demich. The […]

Hood College football team: Is it feasible?

Contributing Writer John Curran Why doesn’t Hood College have a football team? Many have asked this question. I should warn you that I did not expect the topic to be so complex. After all, I knew nothing about football. My first interview was with Tom Dickman, Hood College Athletic Director. As I was walking down the […]

Villegas sets example on lacrosse field

Contributing Writer Amir Abdelrady Alexander Villegas, a midfielder and attack-man on the Hood College Men’s lacrosse team set new standards as he first stepped on the field against Rosemont. “Our first game was an away game, which made me more nervous than I usually would be,” said Villegas. “Not only that, but it was really […]

The Final Mark of the Senior Athletes

As their time at Hood College comes to an end, it can be seen that their time has been well spent over the past four years. The class of 2016 was the first class to face competition within the Middle Atlantic Commonwealth Conference. There are 43 senior athletes who have competed for the Blazers throughout […]


Spotlight Review

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) and The Blue and Grey will be showing “Spotlight,” the recipient of the Academy’s Best Picture Award for 2015, on Dec. 9 at 9pm in Hodson Auditorium.   “Spotlight” focuses on the 2002 Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal revealed by the investigative team, Spotlight, at the Boston Globe. It takes […]

Fight for Something Tour Hits the Baltimore Soundstage

On March 8, punk-rock artists Tonight Alive, and pop-punk artists Set it Off headlined the Fight for Something Tour on its stop in Maryland. The opening bands consisted of Say We Can Fly, with their hit Darling and the Ready Set which played the classic 2010 song Love Like Woe. The pop-punk openers prepared the […]

Being A Feminist In the Age Of Trump

Calling yourself a feminist isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Despite its pretty straight-forward meaning, which according to is, “advocating social, political, legal, and economic rights for women equal to those of men”, the term feminism has been misused and misinterpreted for years, developing a reputation that tends to illicit more disdain than […]

This Halloween, the 90’s are Forever

Halloween is just around the corner and if you’re anything like me, you’ll probably need some help deciding on your costume. Being that the students here now are the last of the 90’s kids, I imagine (or at least hope) you have the same amount of nostalgia as I do. It’s a scientific fact that […]