Hood Republicans and Democrats debate

  On Monday, Feb. 20, the Hood College Democrats and Republicans were each represented by two debaters on the topic of healthcare. Representing the republicans were Weston Bimstefer and Brendan Mahoney. Representing the democrats were Paula Del Valle-Torres and Molly Masterson. In accordance with the typical debate format, there was an overarching topic with three […]

Panic! At The Disco “Death of a Bachelor” concert review

A sold out Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia was filled with fans screaming back lyrics to the Grammy nominated Panic! At The Disco on February 25th. The national tour is celebrating the success of the band’s latest album Death of a Bachelor which features hit songs like “Victorious,” “Death of a Bachelor,” and “Don’t Threaten […]


FSU hosts “The Vagina Monologues”

The Vagina Monologues were presented to the Hood community on Friday, Feb. 24 and Saturday, Feb. 25. All of the proceeds from the show went to The Heartly House, an organization located in Frederick that helps victims of domestic abuse, child abuse, and sexual assault. The show included a series of monologues written by Eve […]


Hawk finds home and food at Hood

Hood College prides itself in being an inclusive institute for students of all walks of life, however, one resident has been turning heads; a hawk has made Hood its home. Over the last few semesters, this hawk has been a joy to observe by both students and faculty. Perching on campus trees and rooftops, the […]

Colleges Against Cancer comes to Hood

A recently formed club at Hood College is making a difference for cancer patients and survivors, both locally and across the nation. Emily Zimmerman, a Hood sophomore founded the Hood College chapter of Colleges Against Cancer. This organization is a collaboration between college students and staff in support of the American Cancer Society (ACS.) While […]



Indoor track and field season concludes at MACs

Hood students who obtained a specific goal headed to Lehigh University to compete in the indoor track and field MAC Championship meet. Students competed in a variety of events from weight throwing and shot put to 60 meter dashes and 5k runs. 14 of the 15 athletes qualified for the meet. Attendee Colin Shields said, […]


Men’s Basketball narrowly misses playoffs

In spite of a close victory against Arcadia University on Feb. 18, Hood College’s Men’s Basketball Team will not be moving on to playoffs this season. According to Chad Dickman, the head coach of the men’s basketball team at Hood, the team missed making the playoffs by one game. Several close road games in January […]

Hood brings e-sports team to boost retention

In an effort to increase the retention of male students at Hood, an e-sports team has been created to encourage a sense of team for those who are not involved in athletics. According to Travis Eichelberger, director of diversity and inclusion, a retention specialist, Teresa Furnam, was brought in to help Hood identify what groups […]

Preview of the third season for Hood’s baseball team

On the eve of their third season, Hood College Baseball coach Cory Beddick reflected on the last few years. “If I could describe our program’s history in one word, I would choose the word ‘competition,’” Beddick said. A member of the Middle Atlantic Conference Commonwealth, Hood baseball’s inaugural season was 2015. Beddick, who graduated from […]

ACL Injuries: What You Don’t Know

On Feb. 13, 2016, Sean Mayberry went up for a layup against Albright College; a move that he has executed a thousand times. But this time he hears a pop in his left knee, the unforgettable sound he has heard only one other time in his life. The next day, Mayberry went to see Dr. […]


Media suppressions: A two-sided issue

President Donald Trump’s ban of news outlets like CNN at White House Press Briefings sent shock-waves through legacy and social media, with commentators questioning the authority and ethical merits of his decision. From a distance, this would seem to be an isolated incident. This kind of resistance to journalists is unprecedented and extremely uncommon, and […]

From the Desk of the Editor: March 20

At a small school like Hood, I never would have expected to be in the position that I have been in this week. To round out our diminishing staff and lack of enthusiasm surrounding the paper, this week, I caught wind of the possibility of a libel suit. This past week, I had to defend […]

Memes become a way to commuicate

“[A]n idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture,” that is how Wikipedia defines “meme.” You know, a meme – those things that circulate the internet that everyone knows about if they spend more than 5 minutes on Facebook or Tumblr, the supreme meme realm, but can never quite explain […]

Spotlight Review

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) and The Blue and Grey will be showing “Spotlight,” the recipient of the Academy’s Best Picture Award for 2015, on Dec. 9 at 9pm in Hodson Auditorium.   “Spotlight” focuses on the 2002 Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal revealed by the investigative team, Spotlight, at the Boston Globe. It takes […]